Solaclean UK

Making your energy brighter


Solaclean UK, part of Clean Structures UK, are a specialised solar panel cleaning company who also clean curtain walling and large commercial windows and who operate nationally from both the ground and at heights up to 60 metres / 200 feet. The required de-ionised water used is made by them using reverse osmosis

Solar panel cleaning using reverse osmosis clean water – so that all particles are removed from the water to ensure no mineral deposits spots, from untreated water do not limit the panel’s output.

We operate at heights of up to 60 metres as well as from ground level. Using a telescopic reach and wash pole with scratch-free brushes we ensure your panels are generating maximum output.

We operate UK wide at Commercial, Industrial, Retail, Solar Parks, Solar farms sectors.


Why Clean Your Solar Panels?

Google conducted research on their own Solar Panels at their California Headquarters in 2009(1), the results showed that cleaning panels was the number 1 way to maximise the energy produced. In fact, the cleaning of panels that had been in operation for just 15 months, doubled their output of electricity!